What’s For Lunch - Chef Andreas Burri of Tatler Tapas Restaurant

1 April 2019


Andreas Burri.


Tatler Wines.

What is your favourite part of being involved with the Lovedale Long Lunch?

The buzz, the hype, the adrenalin rush when all the planning and hard work of hundreds of staff comes to its climax at the actual LUNCH!

What factors do you take into account when creating a menu for an audience of this size?

Besides the usual considerations of availability, practicality and economy I like to see dishes that appeal to the majority of our guest and present themselves in an appetising way without the need of lots of decorations and garnishes.

What dish are you most excited about this year and what was your inspiration when creating it?

The dessert of course! What would life be without pudding?

If you could take credit for one great classic recipe, which would it be?

The Cordon Bleu - the blue ribbon dish of the French cuisine that, since its conception which was a couple of hundred years ago, we are now allowed to change and modernise. So why not create a crumbed pork filet mignon filled with serrano ham and manchego?

Who in history would you most like to have prepared a meal for?

Samuel L. Jackson (I know, its modern history)

Plug your restaurant! Tell us your opening times and what item on your menu you recommend for first time diners.

Tatler Tapas Restaurant is open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and Friday and Saturday nights for dinner and offers a variety of classic and modern Tapas dishes with seasonal specials. If you don’t have the squid on your first visit be sure to have it on your next!

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