What's For Lunch - Chef Emerson Rodriguez

3 April 2019


Emerson Rodriguez


Saltire Estate

What is your favourite part of being involved with the Lovedale Long Lunch?

I love the challenge of cooking for thousands of people throughout the weekend and then getting to see so many people enjoying excellent wine and tasty food made in the Hunter Valley region.

What factors do you take into account when creating a menu for an audience of this size?

I develop my menu based on the wines on offer from Saltire Estate. This year the I've paired our Chicken dish with a truly excellent Semillon made with estate grown fruit. The pork dish is going to be spectacular with the light style Grenache which is a favourite of mine.

The Moscato is always very popular so I'm making a chocolate curd dessert to complement those Turkish Delight bubbles.

What dish are you most excited about this year and what was your inspiration when creating it?

Definitely the Southern Fried Chicken! I wanted something that was going to be filling and also a little fun to balance out a couple of wines.

If you could take credit for one great classic recipe, which would it be?

Fried Chicken - KFC beat me to it but I think my secret recipe is even better.

Who in history would you most like to have prepared a meal for?

Muhammad Ali.

Plug your restaurant! Tell us your opening times and what item on your menu you recommend for first time diners.

Everything is good on the menu at Emerson's Cafe & Restaurant. Come see for yourself -
Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday
Lunch on Wednesday-Sunday
Dinner on Thursday - Sunday

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