Hit the Dancefloor - All Access 80s

24 March 2019

Band Name:


Members Names and what instrument they play:

Jett Black - Vocals
Jesse Jäxx - Guitar
Bobby Phoenix - Bass
Mick Fury - Drums

What genre of music do you play?

EVERYONE - 80s, dude!

Tell us about your very favourite moment from a previous Lovedale Long Lunch: 

MICK – The huge crowd!

What is your go-to song that is guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor?

JETT- Pour Some Sugar on Me
JESSE – We’re Not Gonna Take It
BOBBY – Another One Bites The Dust
MICK – Livin’ On A Prayer

Share your favourite dance move:

JETT - Have you seen me onstage? I can't dance!! The stagedive??
JESSE – Jump kicks
BOBBY - During the song 'Jump', us guys and crowd all jump up and down in sync together

What is the best thing about playing at the Lovedale Long Lunch?

JETT - The atmosphere, wine, women and song. What more could you want?
BOBBY - Great food and entertainment. I particularly like seeing the dozens of buses pulling up throughout the day, seeing the excitement on people's faces as they approach the gates.

What is the best remedy for stage fright?

JETT - Punching out a classic 80s hair rock hit like Final Countdown or Living On A Prayer!!
JESSE – I just remember how incredible and humble I am, then I’m good to go
BOBBY - Stage fright? What's that? Never heard of it!

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