Hit the Dancefloor - The Big Bang

30 January 2019

The Big Bang

Members names and what instrument they play.

James on the Keys, Carrie with the Vocals, Steve plays Guitar and Eddy on the Sax.

What genre of music do you play?

Anything dance-y! We draw from the 60's to the twenty teens to source our material. We cover pop, rock, funk, disco and contemporary acoustic.

Tell us about your very favourite moment from a previous Lovedale Long Lunch.

We always enjoy the buses of people in fancy dress! Everything from pirates to astronauts, lizards to fairy tale characters. We generally take hundreds of photos and put them on our Facebook page for people to search out that night. There is no one year that stands out above others, it's always a great time!

What is your go-to song that is guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor?

Depends on the age of the crowd and the time of the day. I recall a 1,000 person conga line to "Love Is In The Air" once. We've also seen a huge response to Reef's "Lay Your Hands". There was also the time "Walking On Sunshine" brought out everyones' inner 80's nightclubber. We do "Horses" with predictable results!! Too many songs, too many variables.

Share your favourite dance move.

We don't dance, that's why we joined a band! We'd love to but we just lay down the beats for the enjoyment of others.

What is the best thing about playing at the Lovedale Long Lunch?

There is no atmosphere like it anywhere else.


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